About beth

Growing Up

 Beth was born in Rochester, MI – a suburb just outside of Detroit. Her mother was a nurse, and her father was an executive designer for General Motors for over 40 years. Having traveled extensively through the United States as a child, she has always had a curiosity about people, places, history, nature, language and food.   

As an Adult

  After marrying a man from Montreal of Armenian and Italian decent, Beth and her husband started a imprintable apparel company that afforded them the ability to travel internationally. Her in-laws lived in Rome, so they spent a fair amount of time throughout not only Italy, but also across Europe. Since her first trip to Italy in 2002, Beth has added places like Fiji, Ireland, UK, Czech Republic, France, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Mexico, and Canada to her repertoire. She has so far been to 46 states including Hawaii and was able to check off a few more on a cross country train trip from Los Angeles to Chicago. She boasts, “Alaska will make 47, leaving North Dakota, Arkansas and Wisconsin!” Her goal is to reach 50.  

In 2011, Beth attended San Diego Culinary Institute and, following the loss of her mother in September of that year, went on to graduate in December earning the prestigious President’s Award for her commitment to the culinary industry and for her dedication to the highest of standards. She started her own catering and personal chef company in 2013.  

The Inspiration

  A firm believer in the importance of furthering one’s education, Beth made the decision to go back to school in 2015 to pursue a degree in art history. In the fall of that year, she did a study abroad program through Southwestern College that took her to Florence, Italy where she lived for 3 months. The following year, Beth checked an item off her bucket list: she embarked on a solo adventure to Tokyo. Upon her return, she decided to make a bucket list of other adventures. She got as far as #5 and stopped: Alaska! And so the adventure begins ….  

  (Beth currently lives in the Kensington neighborhood of San Diego with her 2 roommates: Chalupa the One-Eyed Chihuahua, and Buddy the African Grey Parrot)