About Vanessa

Growing up

 Vanessa Cool was born in Howell, MI in 1999, and has lived in small towns her whole life. Having only visited other midwestern states like Ohio and Illinois, her travel experience was minimal until a few years ago when she went on a student exchange trip to Germany. Traveling to Europe sparked her passion and desire to see the world outside of Michigan.

Current Accomplishments & Future Goals

  Vanessa has just graduated from Williamston High School summa cum laude with a 4.1 GPA and was not only a member of the National Honor’s Society, but also an active member in Model United Nations. As if that was not enough, she was rewarded “Most Outstanding” in the social studies department. In the fall of 20 17, she will be attending her dream school, the University of Michigan, which she received a full academic scholarship to.  Vanessa is currently unsure of what she wants to major in, but is interested in screen studies and political science.   

Alaska or Bust!

  Vanessa has always had a curiosity for the world, but has not yet had the chance to explore it.  Her journey to Alaska will be the longest she has ever been away from home, but is very excited and grateful to have this amazing opportunity to go on such a unique and once in a lifetime trip. She looks forward to learning and growing as a person on this expedition and to seeing what she enthusiastically refers to as “real nature.”  In addition, she hopes this adventure will expand her knowledge of the world and she will come back to Michigan a changed person. This is only the beginning of Vanessa’s life quests and she is so happy it gets to start off with this incredible road trip!   

 (Vanessa currently lives in Williamston, Michigan with her mom, two sisters, her brother, her two dogs, and her cat.)